zhcon A Fast CJK (Chinese/Japanese/Korean) Console Environment

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Here are some nice screenshots of zhcon.
You can email us your terrific screenshots and we will put them on this page.

Date Screen Resolution Encoding Version Application Comments  
2002-06-12 1024x768 GB2312 0.2.1 vim 6.1 winmanager plugin editing C++ source and CJK latex file view
2002-06-10 640x480 GB2312 0.13 Midnight Command   view
2002-06-10 640x480 GB2312 0.1 lynx visiting Yahoo with lynx view
2002-06-10 640x480 BIG5 0.1 Emacs Editing in Emacs view
2002-06-10 800x600 GBK 0.1 BBS Login to SMTH BBS view
2002-06-10 800x600 GB2312 0.1 vim   view
2002-06-10 1024x768 GB2312 0.2-b1 bash Overspot input style view


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