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What is it
screenshot of zhcon

zhcon is a Fast double-byte virtual console for Chinese/Japanese/Korean (CJK) running under GNU/Linux and FreeBSD. It adds the ability of displaying and inputing CJK double-byte characters on console device.

Read this before downloading:
zhcon is not an X Window terminal. Try cxterm or rxvt if you want Chinese term under X Window.
zhcon is licensed under GPL and is distubited with full source code.

640x480, GB2312 encoding Midlight Commander More...


Video card support Support a broad range of video hardware through three drivers: FrameBuffer/VGA/libggi. No need to recompile kernel (VGA driver).
Multi-language Support GB2312/GBK/BIG5/JIS/KSCM double-byte encodings.
Automaticly GB/Big5 detection and conversion.
Hot key to change encoding on the fly.
12 - 24 pixel font Can use large font for bigger screens like 1280x1024
Input Method Support Win98 and UCDOS IME tables, can also use UNICON's input method.
Misc Display table lines correctly under CJK mode.
Built-in history scrolling.
Platforms GNU/Linux (Redhat 7.x/8.x/9.x, Debian, Mandrake 8.x) and FreeBSD.


2006/05/05 0.2.5 new zhcon adds UTF-8 support!
2006/03/12 0.2.4 Bug fixed version, support FC3.
2005/01/16   Zhang Wei contributes a bpsf font editor for editing zhcon's bpsf bitmap font. QT 3.3 or higher is required. download screenshot.
2003/07/31   zhcon move back to zhcon.sf.net
2003/04/29 0.2.3 Latest stable version, better support for FreeBSD.
2002/02/19 0.2 Overspot input style added.
2001/10/09   GNU gettext local message.
2001/09/18   Support unicon's input module, sharing input methods with Chinput.
2001/08/24   Ported to FreeBSD
Add VGA driver, no need to recompile kernel any more.
2001/08/17   Support 12/14/16/24 pixel fonts.
Add libggi support.
2001/07/19   Automatic GB/BIG5 encode detecting and conversion.
2001/05/20   First public release.

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