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Download Section

All zhcon released files are archieved at SourceForge's download section.


Source Code

2003/04/29 Latest stable version 0.2.3
Bug fixed version, better support for FreeBSD. zhcon-0.2.3.tar.gz (4.8Mb)

Various pre-compiled binary package of zhcon are available. Most of them are maintained by enthusiastic zhcon users and are not maintained by us. Please note the binary packages may be a little out of date and may not work on your system. If you encouter problems when using these packages, please contact the package maintainers.

If you make binary packages of zhcon for systems not listed here and are willing to share your work with others, please send your link to me .


RPM binary

Version 0.2.3:
Redhat 9 RPM, Redhat 7.3 RPM, SRPM

more rpms can be found on rpmfind.net


Debian deb package

Debian package: zhcon-stable zhcon-unstable maintained by Yu Guanghui.


FreeBSD port

FreeBSD port: Category chinese/zh-zhcon maintained by statue.


Static linked version

Not yet available.


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