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Development of zhcon

The goal of this project is to provide Chinese Linux community a easy using, feature rich console environment. Current version is far from perfect and is still under active development.

zhcon is an OpenSource project licensed under GPL. New developers are always welcome.

zhcon's project page is at http://sourceforge.net/projects/zhcon, on which you can find more development information. If you are interested in the development of zhcon please join zhcon-devel.

Any comments, suggections and questions can be sent to zhcon-devel@lists.sourceforge.net.


Mailing List

Several mailing lists are available for zhcon related discussion.

zhcon-announce Low traffic read-only list for announcement achieves subscribe/unsubscribe
zhcon-users Discuss the problems on using zhcon achieves subscribe/unsubscribe
zhcon-devel The development, future, patch, bug report etc. achieves subscribe/unsubscribe

During the development of zhcon many people get involved.

ejoy original author, main developer ejoy@users.sf.net
Hu Yong graphic driver, main developer huyong@ecircle.com.cn
Rick Lei Initial BSD port & VGA driver, main contributer rick@uestc.edu.cn
Jia Zhendong Rpm package maintainer  


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